How to Get GitHub Copilot Free for Students?



GitHub Copilot is a useful tool for developers, offering a wide variety of features that make software development easier and more efficient. It offers the ability to create projects, review code, track progress, and collaborate more effectively with teams. It also allows users to access the latest development tools, like GitHub Pages, and other useful features like issue tracking.

For students, GitHub Copilot can be invaluable for building their portfolios and honing their development skills. With GitHub Copilot, students can easily collaborate on projects with other developers worldwide. Additionally, they can access tutorials and resources that will help them learn the basics of coding and development.

Fortunately, GitHub has enabled a free student program for those enrolled in qualifying educational institutions. Through this program, students can acquire access to the full suite of features offered by GitHub Copilot, allowing them to take advantage of all its benefits.

This article will explain the steps to get GitHub Copilot free for students. The following sections will provide a detailed overview of the student program and explain how to apply for it.

What is GitHub Copilot?

One of the most popular development platforms, GitHub Copilot, provides users with versatile tools to develop and collaborate on software projects. It allows developers to create repositories of projects, review code, track progress, and collaborate with other team developers. Developed by Github with OpenAI, it also includes artificial intelligence capabilities that help users create better code faster.

GitHub Copilot has numerous features that make it an ideal development platform. It provides access to the latest development tools, such as GitHub Pages, and also offers issue tracking, real-time notifications, project management tools, and support for collaborative development. Of course, it also offers the intelligence-driven code-generation capabilities discussed above.

AI code generation is one of the most impressive features of GitHub Copilot, which can help developers produce better code faster. While the technology is still in its early stages, it holds tremendous promise for streamlining software development and increasing efficiency.

Benefits of GitHub Copilot for Students

Students can benefit greatly from using GitHub Copilot due to its vast range of features and tools. It has many benefits for students, including the following:

Better Collaboration


GitHub Copilot makes it easier for students to collaborate on projects with team members worldwide. It allows users to leave comments and feedback on code and track the progress of projects. Using GitHub Copilot, students can easily work together on coding assignments from anywhere.

Learning Resources

GitHub Copilot offers students access to tutorials and other resources that can help them learn the basics of coding. It also provides an extensive library of free projects to practice and refine their development skills. About 88% of users admitted that using GitHub Copilot makes it easier to stay productive while learning.

AI-Assisted Coding

GitHub Copilot also features artificial intelligence capabilities to help students produce better code faster. AI code generation can help students quickly produce more accurate and efficient code than manually-crafted code. Even students without a deep knowledge of coding can benefit from AI-assisted coding.

Code Testing

With GitHub Copilot, students can easily test code to ensure it is up to industry standards. The testing tools of GitHub Copilot help users spot any potential errors in their code, allowing them to make corrections quickly and easily. If errors are found, the testing feature can provide instructions for how to correct them.

Faster Deployment

Lastly, GitHub Copilot offers a faster deployment process to get projects running. It allows users to deploy their code directly from the platform without setting up a server or configuring settings. This makes it easier for students to get their projects live and receive user feedback.

Eligibility for the Student Offer

Most students are eligible to apply for the GitHub Copilot student offer. A student must be enrolled in an accredited educational institution and have a school-issued email address to be eligible. They might be asked to upload documents proving they are students. Additionally, they must be at least 13 years of age and have a GitHub personal account.

Once students meet the requirements, they can apply for the student offer and start using GitHub Copilot. After the application is submitted, GitHub will verify the student’s status by reviewing their school-issued email address or uploaded documents.

However, this offer is not open to employees of educational institutions or students from countries designated by the US Department of Commerce’s Entity List. Additionally, it does not include access to GitHub Enterprise and is limited to the features offered by GitHub Copilot.

How to Get GitHub Copilot Free as a Student

Getting GitHub Copilot free for students is fairly simple. Here are the steps they need to follow:

  1. Create a personal GitHub account. If you already have an account, log in to it.
  2. Go to the GitHub Student Developer Pack page and select “Get Student Benefit.”
  3. Sign in or sign up for a GitHub account using your school email address.
  4. You will then be asked to provide documents that prove your student status.
  5. Once verified, you will receive a message with your free access code for GitHub Copilot.
  6. Enter the code to get access and start using GitHub Copilot.

Once you have successfully registered for the student offer, you can take advantage of all the features and tools available with GitHub Copilot. You can start developing projects, tracking progress, collaborating with teams, and receiving tutorials and other resources.

Tips for Maximizing the Use of GitHub Copilot

Once students have acquired access to GitHub Copilot, they should take time to familiarize themselves with its features and tools. To maximize their use of the platform, they should consider the following tips:

  • Take advantage of tutorials and resources available in GitHub Copilot. These can be invaluable for learning the basics of coding and development.
  • Use AI-assisted coding to produce better code faster. AI-assisted coding can help students generate more efficient and accurate code than manual coding.
  • Take advantage of the issue-tracking feature to stay on top of project progress and collaborate with team members more effectively.
  • Use the testing tools to find any potential errors in code and make corrections as needed.
  • Utilize the deployment tools to get projects running faster without configuring settings or setting up a server.

Success Stories and Case Studies

working man

Many students have benefited from using GitHub Copilot with impressive results. Many students on online forums reported that using GitHub Copilot improved their coding proficiency and productivity.

For example, a student on Reddit said that using GitHub Copilot was worth it because it helped them quickly learn the basics of coding. They also mentioned that it enabled them to create better code faster and collaborate more efficiently with other team members.

Another student on Quora reported that using GitHub Copilot enabled them to get their project up and running faster than expected. Their team was able to deploy the project and start receiving feedback quickly thanks to the deployment tools of GitHub Copilot.

These stories demonstrate how powerful a tool GitHub Copilot is for students. With its versatile features, it can help students hone their coding skills and collaborate effectively with teams.

Future of AI in Coding Education

Many experts are optimistic about the future of AI in coding education. While the technology is still in its early stages, it holds tremendous potential for streamlining software development and increasing efficiency. AI-assisted coding tools are becoming more sophisticated, helping developers produce better code faster.

Soon, AI-assisted coding tools will become even more powerful and easier to use. Developers can create code quickly and accurately with minimal manual input. AI-generated code will also be more consistent and bug-free, reducing the need for debugging and manual testing.

AI in coding education will also lead to more sophisticated career prospects. As AI-assisted coding becomes the norm, developers with expertise in the technology will be highly sought after. Those without deep coding knowledge can create code with minimal effort and time. But of course, creating high-quality code will still require knowledge and experience in coding fundamentals.



GitHub Copilot is a powerful development platform for students, offering many features and resources that can help them hone their coding skills. With its AI-assisted coding capabilities, students can generate better code faster without having to manually write and debug all the code. Additionally, they can take advantage of tutorials and other resources to better understand coding.

Through the student offer, students can access the full suite of features that GitHub Copilot offers. They just need to meet the eligibility criteria and submit their application, which will be verified upon submission. As AI-assisted coding tools become more sophisticated, students with expertise in the technology will be highly sought after.

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